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"DAKOTA" gaited Mustang

Accepting Volunteers

 Force free training  

creative thought process exploration relaxation & reward 

Being with Horses is about so much more than Riding
Come be 'on horse time' with my Horses while they show you the way to True Relaxation 
De-Stress as you experience the mindfulness of being in the present moment with of these amazing creatures


Animal Emotions Course Certificate of  Completion


(Contact Aldine Westfield Stables)

1 hr or 1/2 hr Private Lessons

Contact Virginia 713six940694
v26ellis (at) gmail (dot) com

Monthly Horse Leasing $275/Month

What is IntrinZen? Curious? Search Project Proprius for more info. Click the LLC

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"PIPER" warmblood

Getting Behavior Certificate of Completion

What does the horse need from us?
​What's in it for the horse?

"Ideal" warmblood

Want more riding/training challenges 

or help with building confidence, 

communication or husbandry tasks?

Private lessons only

Working Students Wanted

Special hours available

Private Horseback Riding Lessons

Learn how you are Training a Horse just by being with them.

Learn how to make that training work for a positive result.

Equestrian Ventures


"UTAH" aka "Tigger" WKPN

Lessons on my horse or your horse - By Appointment 

Jeff Moore Dressage Clinics

​​Advanced Animal Training Course Certificate of Completion

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​​​​HOURS Closed Sat & Sun
By Appointment Only
   ​Monday - Friday   
9:00 am - 5:00 pm


Our goal is to help you learn how to encourage the horse to volunteer to do what you want, so that it is his idea to say yes. Learn how horses think and learn.

We'll teach you how to ride with an "independent" seat and super soft hands, timing and feel, so you can allow the horse to respond.

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